1.3b2 Table Display Problem

MacBook w/ 10.4.8
I’m using tables (2 columns & 1 row) to juxtapose Greek texts with English translation. When I place the cursor in one cell (for example, to begin selecting a block of text) and then click elsewhere in the cell, a block of text next to the first placement of the cursor disappears – that is, the display of the block disappears. The block will reappear by scrolling it out of the window and then scrolling back.

Jim Comas

Jim, are you using Sheets & Records?

I assume that you are editing or adding translations. That’s probably easiest if you open the Record rather than try to edit it in the Sheet view.

Try this. Double-click on the Sheet group icon to open it in its own window.

Select the row that you wish to edit. In the toolbar, you will see an icon with a blue arrow. Click on that to open the selected record.


I am not using Sheets & Records but, instead, Rich Text pages with tables (sorry I didn’t specify that originally). In order to discover more about this problem, I’m experimenting with a passage of about 350 words in English, with the same passage in both columns. Clicking in the left column (or cell) results in disappearing blocks of text (anywhere between 15-45 words). No problem when clicking in the right column. I’ve discovered that when I select the entire left cell, the display of the text returns. I’ve also discovered that, in a table with 3 columns, the problem occurs in columns 1 & 2; but, again, the right column appears immune.


Although tables were introduced in Tiger’s Cocoa rich text code, tables are not as bullet-proof as I would like.

Nevertheless, I’ve done something similar to what you are trying to do, with satisfactory results. In a DT rich text document I’ve created a table using the Format > Table command and entered text. Sometimes during edit and addition of additional text a display glitch may appear, but it’s only temporary and can be ignored.

However, if you are trying to edit tables captured, e.g. from a Web pages as a rich text note, that is another matter entirely, and is likely to be frustrating. You will be better off copying the individual cell contents into a new table created by Format > Table and corresponding to the appropriate number of columns and rows.

Good luck! DEVONthink is simply using Apple’s code.