1.7.1 quitting unexpectedly

1.7.1 is quitting unexpectedly when i try and rename a plain text note – is happening intermittently but frequently

Which view (icon, list, note pad, etc.) do you use? And could you please activate the crash reporter (see preferences of "Console" application) and send us a crash log? Thanks.

Version 1.7.1 does not fix all bugs of v1.7 but the new version is definitely more stable and much faster. But as DEVONagent requires this version, we had to release at least "something".


I was one of the few that had encountered quits when renaming items in the Columns view – in earlier betas of DT 1.7.

Just checked this out in Columns and Note Pad views, and I had no problems with renaming items – IF I confirm the new name by pressing Enter or Return. But I can still make DT quit if I create a new Group, press Return to rename it, and then click in the column to the right (Columns view) instead of pressing Return.

So a minor modification of my behavior works around the potential quit problem.

Of course, I never had any problems with renaming items in the "Name" field of the Info Window.

Thanks for the major improvements and speedup of DEVONthink. Evolution becomes revolution!

I just encountered this as well. I’ve only had it occur when renaming groups in column view.

I just sent the crash log in.