1.7.5: HTML no longer renders

In installed version 1.7.5 and html no longer renders within DevonThink . . . I can see and edit the html, but clicking the "Preview Page" button just shows me a blank page.

I have logged out and back in, etc.

I pulled my version 1.7.4 out of  the trash and launched it, and pages display as they should.

Any ideas?

HTML rendering works fine for me in DT 1.7.5.

My preferences are set to display the rendered pages, not the source.

Some of my large, complex HTML pages (over 1 MB in size) may take a few seconds to render. Smaller pages snap up right away.

TiBook 500 MHz, 1 GB RAM. OS X 10.3.2

I still prefer RTFD captures of most of my Web references from scientific journals, as I can edit out extraneous images and text – with major savings in file size and better contextual recognition behavior by DEVONthink.

Example: one page captured as HTML has a file size of 968 KB, lots of advertising images and links  to other articles unrelated to the main topic. My edited RTDF capture is 92 KB and contains no text or images that are not relevant to the topic of interest. Tossing out the unwanted material from the RTFD took less than 30 seconds. Needless to say, I deleted the HTML version of this page. :smiley:

I generally restrict my manual HTML captures to pages that contain tables (which don’t render at all well in RTFD). However, I sometimes dump batches of HTML from DEVONagent into DEVONthink, especially when I’ve hit really good material with a DA search.

Seems to be related to imported HTML files which have been deleted afterwards. I’ll check this.

I have a much simpler HTML problem. When I save a web page as a web archive to my desktop (IE 5.2, OS X 10.2.6), and then drag it into a DevonThink page that has been set up as HTML, the page renders fine – all except any graphics, which show up as blue question marks.

Is this the wrong way to save a web page to DevonThink? I’m afraid I can’t find simple instructions in the manual. Thanks.


DEVONthink only imports the HTML files (but no files referenced by an HTML page) and actually does not know anything about IE web archives. But a future version (2.0) will be a complete offline archive.

Version 1.7.6 will definitely fix the HTML render problem - current betas are already working fine.

There’s more to it. I have a suite of imported pages. All adjacent to each other in the original as well as in my copy. In some of them Preview Page works, in some of them it doesn’t. Very baffling.

Does the URL/path sometimes point to an existing document and sometimes to a deleted document or to nothing at all?

This problem is now obsolete for me: it all works with DT V:1.8