1.9 hangs when opening a 1.8 database

I had problems opening my 1.8 database in 1.9.

It would hang on the splashscreen with the initialization meter 1/2 done. It would peg the processor at 100%, and in the activity monitor the process would be labeled as ‘hung’.

I tried deleting the prefs file and tried deleting the DT folder, starting 1.9 and then pasting my current database in, and it hung when restarting at the same point and maxed out the processor again.

The way I got around it was to export my database to a folder on my desktop via 1.8. Then open 1.9 with an empty database and import the files from the database folder.

This got me up and running, albeit with some broken links.

I did email tech support, and this is the response I got, which may help someone out with a similiar problem:

Here’s some follow-up:

I sent Christian a copy of my database and after a short examination he came to the following conclusion:

So there you have it.

V1.9a already includes this fix too.