1 database or many?

I’m a new user of DEVONthink, so I’m still pretty clueless at this point. I’m wondering what others are doing about their database(s).

Should I have just one big database, with multiple folders/tagging schemes under it, or should I have many different database, each for a different category?

And can/should I have databases within databases?

Any help or FAQ or link appreciated! Thanks!

That’s more or less up to you but one database is more useful/efficient if…

  • you want to replicate things as replicating across databases is not possible
  • you open all databases anyway on startup

E.g. I use 4 databases:

  • Default (opened on startup)
  • Private (used every then and now)
  • Science (containing scientific articles, no time for this usually and therefore rarely used)
  • Emails (only used because Spotlight does either find nothing or everything :wink:)

This is not possible.

What is this “replicate” that you speak of? I can’t find it in the manual. Is that like creating a pointer object in a different folder, such that if you make a change in the original object, it’s exactly the same in the “cloned” (pointer) reference in a different folder?

If DEVON does this, I would love to know how!

WOW!!! (just figured it out)

I had no idea DEVON did this. AMAZING!