10.6.2 and broken Mail.app plugin

Email plugin is broken again.

You just need to reinstall it from the Help menu (Install Add-ons….) Make sure you uncheck everything else if you’ve already installed them (just for luck).


Thanks, seemed to have done the trick :slight_smile:

Hmm… I’m having trouble with the progress indicator persisting after the email import has finished.

I attempted reloading the add-ons from the help menu multiple times and the DTOP mail.app plugin continues to be disabled by Mail 4.2. I’m running the latest version of DTOP (2.0 pb7) according to my update status.

Any help would be great.


Did you shut down Mail before reinstalling?

There seem to be various tweaky things wrong with Mail as the result of 10.6.2 (sounds disppearing, POP not working) according to various Mac discussion boards.

On several attempts I quit mail but the add-on installer still detected it being open and asked to quit it for me. The interesting thing is on these ooccasion as soon as they were installed I received the plugin error stating it was an incompatible plugin and was disabled.

Other times I quit mail and the installer didn’t detect mail as being opened and ran as expected. As soon as I opened Mail I received the plugin error stating it is an incompatible plugin and has been disabled and to contact the developer…yada yada yada.

I’ll try to quit all apps, restart my computer, start DTOP, load add-ons, and then start Mail.

Restarted my computer, opened DTOP, installed mail.app plugin, started Mail…plugin disabled due to “incompatibility.”

I don’t understand why it’s working for some and not me. It’s my understanding that it’s primarily the plugin UUID’s that allow the “upgraded” OS to recognize the plugin. If it’s working for some DTOP users…it should work for me??

In another thread on this forum Annard noted that older Intel CPUs (Core Duo, not Core 2 Duo) run Mail in 32-bit mode, and this creates a problem that he hopes to have fixed in a later release.

Also see Eric’s blog at devon-technologies.com/scrip … ess/?p=978

My CPU is a Core 2 Duo. After installing OS X 10.6.2 update I had to rerun the Help > install Add-ons to install the Mail plugin. After that, it works properly.

OMG…I’m an idiot. I had this problem when I first converted to 10.6, and chased it down for quite some time before Annard figured out it was the older Core Duo’s (like mine) that were experiencing this. I can’t believe that I forgot this. I even have a separate mailbox I created at the time to keep things in to transfer to DTOP when it is finally fixed. I’ve been meaning to empty it out for awhile now…now I remember why it’s filling up in the first place!

My age is definitely showing! :blush: