1Password 8 will be subscription only: even more uses for DT

Sometimes yes

On the other hand there are apps like Postman which is Electron based and nonetheless extremely well-regarded

I have startet testing BitWarden a few days ago. Export from 1PW and import into BitWarden was smooth. I have more than 400 entries, my checks up to now revealed no error. I’m on the free version, but 10 USD + 19% VAT is a good price for the premium subscription.
Exporting data is possible as csv file, just in case.

I found Bitwarden worked okay for me as it includes Safari autofill but it is also made with Electron, which I could deal with if it allowed local sync, but it doesn’t.

Instead I recently switched to Enpass which has a Mac native version that supports standalone databases, A lifetime premium license option, Safari autofill (and other browsers), and other features like 2fa, choice of cloud sync, audit and breach monitoring and more. The interface reminds me of 1Password 6 which is just fine. Also the desktop versions are completely free if you don’t need to sync with devices.

Why not use iCloud Keychain?
And DT for things like Software licence Codes etc. just Imported from1P?


1Pass is much more capable with regard to its ability to save Notes, related documents (which I use to store 2-factor Q codes), and credit card details that autopopulate and in its ease of sharing specific passwords with others. Well worth the cost.

As for the subscription fee, I view that as giving the developer motivation to keep the software up to date, particularly as new macOS and iOS versions are developed.

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Thank you again — very helpful!

Have a look at the Monterey version of Keychain Access. It looks good.

I had a look and it is too limiting, only providing for account data (no credit cards, no servers, no access points…)

Welcome @peted

Is it a UI or functionality improvement you’re impressed with in the Monterey version?

I generally recommend KeePass …

On Windows, the binary from KeyPass themself.

On iOS / iPadOS StrongBox, which is simply PERFECT!

On macOS also StrongBox.

On Android KeePass2Android.

Strongly recommended as Gold Standard.

I have some problems with KeyChain:

Not only is Apple KeyChain platform dependend and does not help you at all on Windows and Android, or whereever.

It also is freely available to all who may get access to your SIM card, if you enabled 2FA (which Apple tries to enforce people to use).

This is, because Apple does not only use other devices, a mail adress or a telephone number / SIM card as second factor!
They also allow to use this to change your password!

There are whole criminal groups who use this to get access to iCloud accounts over stolen iPhones (with a SIM card) which also openes access to your KeyChain, when you store it in iCloud.

So, better never use Apple KeyChain, but sure don’t save it in iCloud - which removes any practical usecase.
Also, never enable Apple 2FA.

A short note from MacRumors on changes in Keychain Access under Monterey. I am looking to replace 1Password, and this looks quite adequate for me, as I only use Safari.

Got it.

Enpass allows now WiFi sync (check updates in app store)

Agreed - Keychain is too limiting

I have no issue paying a subscription fee as I think that generally improves the quality of software.

That said, the more I read about this it is puzzling because this “history” or “back story” of 1Pass on their site reads to me like a solution searching for a problem. Moreover the decision to abandon Swift and go with Electron alone sounds to me like it was done simply to rush the product to release on an arbitrary schedule. The whole story does not impress me as far as management of the product; I hope it does not turn into a major fiasco of software released too soon.


Without having really read the blog post to the end, I thought to have understood that they decided to use Electron so that they can use a common code basis for all platforms.

Yeah, that’s what everyone on Reddit and Twitter also brought up. They only abandoned Swift because of their release schedule and the current (unpolished) state of Swift.

They originally were going to have both Swift and Electron versions and then abandoned the Swift version. Schedule pressures are a big theme of the whole article.

Really well-received products come about because they fill a customer need. I truly do not perceive what that major need is when I read the article; it seems to be much more about the company’s needs than about customer needs. And I say that as a very well-established long-term 1Pass user.

Bottom line is that I really hope when I try Version 8 my initial impression is that it is indeed an “upgrade.” As long as it is clearly superior to Version 7, the subscription model won’t bother me at all. But if I try Version 8 and long to go back to Version 7, then it would be a fail even for free.


I plan to wait a few months after initial release. Lots of stuff is still missing, like with most apps that switch to Electron.


Late to the party here, but I’ve been using SafeInCloud for years and have zero complaints. No subscription—one time purchase, browser plugins, works with TouchID on macOS and FaceID on iOS, you can store your encrypted database to a variety of services (or keep it on-device), handles 2FA, etc.

It’s not the prettiest, but it works well. My $0.02.

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