I have just updated to the latest version of DA [2.3.1] which appears to have broken 1Password - the 1Password button has disappeared from the toolbar - an icon of the flag of St George has appeared in its place - when I click this icon nothing happens so what is it for? Why should I want a national flag in the toolbar of a browser? What is the purpose of this icon and how can I get rid of it? The option to ‘customise toolbar’ is permanently greyed out.

The flag represents the language of the page and clicking on it translates the page (to the system language if different). But as 1password is a hack, it has to be adapted to the latest release. Anyway, it shouldn’t block functionality like the one-click-translation introduced by version 2.3 (NOT 2.3.1).

Thanks for the reply. I probably haven’t noticed the flag in v.2.3 as I don’t use the DA browser that often, preferring to use other browsers. I’m sure the 1Password devs will get around to adapting 1Password to 2.3.1 soon, but why isn’t it possible to customise the browser toolbar? And why does the browser window, icons etc. look more like Safari than Safari does?

[edit] I don’t like national flags generally, and in particular - for whatever reason - when they appear in the toolbar of a browser.

This isn’t possible yet but will be added to a future release.

Just wondering about this: “Button of web PDF views to save document to download folder (Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’ only).”

Err… where is the button? :open_mouth:


At the bottom of the window if you’re viewing a PDF.

Ah, thanks, it seems I misunderstood, thought this was a once-clik ‘turn a webpage into a PDF’ button.


DEVONagent already supports the conversion to PDF documents (either paginated or as one large page). See commands File > Export or Data > Add To DEVONthink > …