2.9 Sync to Dropbox... re-upload everything?

So 2.9 updated itself on my computer and all my previous sync settings are lost.

Do I really need to re-upload everything to Dropbox where I was syncing?

When I do, are there now two copies and one I have to delete manually?

My Databases are rather large and not convenient to re-upload. Tell me this is not the case.

Yes, it is the case.
The new Sync engine is incompatible with Sync 1 syncStores.

However, it is also a FAR better mechanism and the temporary discomfort is worth the result.

I hate to say there is little comfort in re-uploading >100GiB of data. Short-term pain means days/weeks of upload time.

Oh dear, what a mess.

Thinking ahead to make a clean start;

Our central “Database1” was synced on all Macs on v2.8 verified, backup up, and archive for good measure.

Upgraded all Macs to v2.9

Created a new SyncStore in DropBox.

Synced Database1 from Mac A to the DropBox SyncStore with no problem. (14GB database, took quite a while)

Synced identical Database1 on Mac B to the same DropBox SyncStore. (14GB db took quite a while…) . This surprised me as I expected the syncstore to recognise the database and no need to upload/download anything. i.e. I expected just one upload, and then the new sync would be smart enough to know the database is the same…

Then it got worse.

When Mac B sync was complete (completed “downloading” I think), the Mac B sync started all over again - “uploading” to DropBox SyncStore.

It was going to be another full 14GB database upload - judging by the progress speed and bar.

That came to a halt - as my data for July has reached capacity…

Extending data can only be bought in 5GB blocks, after each 5GB runs out.

So I bought 5GB, and then the sync “upload” started from the very beginning - it did not pick up where it stopped?

How can this supposedly simple process have already required syncing 14GB of data 3 times?

I have 9 other users on DEVONthink who will be needing to do this - all from remote locations. If they each need to waste 3x this amount of data usage just to be able to continue syncing, then then this is not short term pain.

Seriously disappointed with this.

@Peter: Please start a Support Ticket.