2.9 Webdav Syncing Unreliable

I am having real trouble with the 2.9 Webdav syncing. The same sync setup will work without problems, then start generating 403 errors. Nothing changes, just the syncing stops working and the system generates 403 errors.

I would love to be able to keep using Devonthink for my paperless office, but I am concerned that I cannot rely on the new syncing technology to keep my computers in sync correctly.

The error it is generating, when it stops syncing correctly, relates to the following, occurring right after the webdav server and sync store path:

…/b4ab0bfd2ac278ad177da79bffb32589ba1c1205bac6dbf9383a284229c8499f/receipts/55fab4f3611bbac81f27744e7ce7c3384bc1a50471640ef5d8eebd79700e7c96.receipt/1b5d402cc5c47552d7f669b74a0ac81487d6f7dbc62bd16f7eb99b8e0dea6ec3.item forbidden (403)

Its the same item each time that returns the forbidden error.

Please start a Support Ticket.