2 beginner's questions: Upload a file to a website / Right click on a file for tagging

two very basic or beginner questions:

  • I very often need, from Safari (like everyone else I suppose!) to upload a file to such and such a site.
    But because my documents are in DevonThink, I can’t navigate to the document I need.
    What is the best workflow or practice to solve this recurring problem? (except, of course, searching for the document first and putting it on the desktop or in a folder, which is not very practical or optimized:)

  • Isn’t there a way to right click on an item in DT to quickly apply a tag?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

If the receiving web site accept drag and drop (many do these days), then in DEVONthink, right mouse click on the filen and pick “Show in Finder”, then drag and drop from Finder into the place on the web site page that accepts that.

I agree navigating down into the depths of DEVONthink not only a pain, but I’d avoid it in principal.

I normally simply put a copy on Desktop and upload from there. Or drag and drop if I remember.

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Thank you, I was indeed afraid that there was no “elegant” way to do it, i regret !
Thanks a lot for the answer, anyway.

I consider drag and drop pretty elegant!! I remember before we had it so ubiquitously. :wink:

Actually, I just tried drag and drop direct from DEVONthink, and it appears to work. Surprise to me. Not sure why I didn’t think of it.

Try it yourself. Trying, I’ve found, always better than asking.

(Someone else might find something that appeals to you, but I could find nothing else).

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I didn’t know I could drag and drop in this case!
Indeed, it’s a rather elegant solution, even if it’s not the fastest one you can imagine.

What would be faster or more elegant for you? Specifically, what do you wish for? AI connected to brainwaves saying “do it!” :wink:

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I can’t think of a faster and more efficient way than the finder: when the window opens to choose the file to upload, just navigate to the right folder to send it…

If you index your records you can navigate the way you want.

(But I don’t think it‘s a good idea if that’s the only reason for using indexed records.)

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I find drag and drop to be the first thing I try on a Mac. :slight_smile:

Yes, of course. I index a part of my documents (the “creative” part).
After hesitating for a long time at the beginning of my recent - real - dive into DevonThink, I decided to import everything else.