2 ideas for DTTG2: Saves as bookmark & Default database

Congrats on the new release, this will change everything (first thing it changed for me: it made Evernote superfluous; I’m sure other apps will follow).

This might just be me, but most of the stuff I use “Clip to DEVONthink” for, is URLs. Therefore the choice between TXT, Markdown and the others doesn’t really enter into it, because it’s all about the URL that’s saved as meta data.
Would it be possible to save URLs natively?

Also, when I’m out and about, I save everything in the global inbox, therefore the choice of target database just adds another couple of taps. Would it be possible to assign one as the default and have that one (in my case the global inbox) always selected when using “Clip To DEVONthink”?

You can already add bookmarks/web archives if there’s no text selection.

With Clip To DEVONthink, there’s always a text selection from what I can tell. The page title, I guess.

Which browser do you use? E.g. if no text is selected in Safari, then there should be options to add a bookmark or a web archive.

Mostly the internal browser of Alien Blue, the reddit app.
Again, there is always text that’s automatically inserted; I’m guessing it’s the page title.

As for the default database: an alternative might be to remember the last used/selected database. I put everything into the global inbox, so for me, that would amount to the same thing. The choice of database the app offers me as a default seems to be completely random.

Remembering the last used database in Clip to DEVONthink: Noted.

Have you tried with Safari? Does it behave differently? We have no way to influence the way Alien Blue works or what it provides to the share extension.