2 or more photos in a note in DTTG

Does anybody know how to make a note with 2 or more pictures and added text in DTTG? I can’t see how to do that.


If you mean simultaneously, that’s not currently possible.

So it’s not possible to create a note, add a picture to it, write some text on the note and if needed, add a second picture to that same note?

No, that is possible. You just can’t add more than one image at a time.

PS: There is no format known as a note. There are plain text “notes”, Markdown “notes”, Formatted Note “notes” :mrgreen: , etc. Make sure you’re clear in the details of what you’re describing, as this helps guide the discussion. Thanks!

:frowning: Sorry, this is what I’m trying to do:

In DTTG I need to create a document (note, whatever format) and add one or two pictures (one by one) to it and then add text (a description of the picture).

How can I do that?


There is more than one approach. Try a formatted note.
When you’re in Edit mode, you should see a picture frame when you long-press (or it will show in the formatting bar above the keyboard on the iPad). This will allow you to select an image from Photos.app. Then continue editing, etc.

Note: I have filed a bug on it exiting Edit mode after the picture insertion.

Note: This will not work with RTF files, which are NOT mobile-native (nor friendly). You should be looking at alternative formats if you’re going to be using mobile apps.

:stuck_out_tongue: Done!

It worked.


No problem.