2 questions about the WebKit browser - Flash Player, PDF creation

Hi all, (Hi Jim!)

Couple of questions - but first a BIG KUDO!!! - for making the links open in the DT browser itself YAY!!!

Question #1 - I know this been mentioned, can’t find it - why do I keep getting the msg “Flash Player (Devon…) quit unexpectedly” - what do I need to look for?

Questiion #2 - where do I set the font for creating pdf files?


Howdy :slight_smile:

You should uninstall the Flash player. Apple stopped support for it long ago and rumor is Adobe may be at end life for it as well.


There is no font setting for PDFs. The font(s) in the current document will be used in the PDF.

Tx Jim!!

Oh, so webkit does not allow font substitution… any hack possible? :wink:


You’re welcome.

Oh, so webkit does not allow font substitution… any hack possible? :wink:

None, I’m aware of at this time.

Actually it’s not a rumor anymore but announced by Adobe. Glad that this really buggy piece of software will be history soon :smiling_imp:

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Thanks guys! - I’m glad too. Steve Jobs hated it (for it being so crappy and crashing all the time). I try to get rid of it, and every now and then some dumb app wants/demands it. I keep trying to get rid of it. Sometimes I forgot I didn’t and it surprises me (like this time ha ha)

No problem. And Yes, Flash had Ltd moment but it’s over now.