2 Scanners (S1500M and IX500) Same Mac

I’ve been a user of devonthink personal and S1500M scanner for 6 years. I absolutely love the OCR functionality which makes all documents searchable. I wanted to add a second scanner (IX500 - used via wifi) wifi that I can use in different part of house. I have a few questions that I hope the community can assist with:

  1. Is it possible to have 2 different scanner son same computer working with devonthink. I understand we might need to upgrade to Devonthink Pro 3.0.
  2. I upgraded to Mojave because the scansnap software for IX500 didn’t work with El Capitan. Anyone have any thoughts on how to connect S1500M via cable and IX500 via wifi to a Mac using Mojave.

In a nutshell, I’d like to be able to use my S1500M and IX500 (connected via wifi) to scan on same Mac into Devonthink, but I’m unsure if this is possible.

Welcome @Whitebeach

ScanSnap Home does have the ability to set the Output to to DEVONthink 3. However, since DEVONthink doesn’t control the ScanSnap scanners, it seems this would be a Fujitsu question of whether ScanSnap Home will integrate with multiple scanners.

On the other question about connecting both, perhaps someone with a similar setup can answer.