2023 : New User Focused on Geolocation Topics; Initial Project - Adding Legacy Store Receipts

For my first experience to use Devon Technologies software, I was considering purchasing DevonThink To Go (DTG). Primarily, because it appears that this application offers adding Geolocation data.

My first use of the software would be to import legacy store receipt data. A thought I had was to add geolocation data to the JPG’s EXIF information. Then, hopefully, DevonThink would utilize this information.

Is it possible to modify or add geolocation information once a ‘Document’ is created in a DevonThink database?

Welcome @KurtWerstein

Yes, you can modify this in the Geolocation field of the Tools > Inspectors > Generic info inspector.

As far as I understood @KurtWerstein, he ist mostly interested in using DEVONthink To Go. While it adds geolocation information to created documents, it does not come with an EXIF editor included. The EXIF data should used when importing images but I just discovered an issue here which we will address in one of the next maintenance releases.

Also, there’s a script available (for DEVONthink, not DTTG!) which can copy metadata (not only EXIF, but also ICMP etc) to DT metadata or custom metadata fields.

Ahh, indeed :roll_eyes::blush:

@eboehnisch - You are correct. I am speaking of DEVONthink To Go. That said, you mentioned an issue. Would you care to give a brief description of the current issue you are observing? Is this an issue you foresee getting corrected quickly?

The issue is that when you import an image from, e.g., Photos via Clip to DEVONthink or drag-and-drop, the geolocation is not read from the EXIF data and transferred to the document metadata. The EXIF information itself stays in the image, of course.

Version 3.6.4 will correctly use EXIF geolocation data when importing images.

@eboehnisch Thank you for letting me know this has been corrected.

this has been corrected.

will be. 3.6.3 is the current public release. 3.6.4 is in testing. Stay tuned :slight_smile: