204: "Fixed: Tab key...optionally editable column editable"

Ummm, I was excited to see that this would now be consistent, but now it doesn’t work ANYWHERE?! Tab do nothing. I’m supposed to go reach for the mouse just to add a comment?

We might change this again, therefore please discuss this with sjk.

I’ve seen this thread with the intent to reply when current activities become less time consuming, hopefully this weekend.

uh oh. I sense a religious war coming on. Gee, I thought we resolved this about six versions ago!? :confused: :laughing:

Well, it’s only a big issue when I’m actually trying to be, you know, productive.

I have a dogeared list of other long-weary productivity queries, but think I’ll let them soak a little while longer.

Hey it’s been a long time since I’ve been here, so I know I have to pay my nOOb dues all over again. :neutral_face:

I may not have been clear.

In the past, when the ‘spotlight comments’ column was in place adjacent to the name column, pressing the tab key would move the selection to the spotlight comments field, just like in any other row/column application, for data-entry productivity.

At this time, the tab key does absolutely nothing in this view, and it’s unclear for what benefit a formerly useful behaviour was eliminated.

At this time, if one wishes to enter a spotlight comment, one must stop using the keyboard and reach for the mouse, and even then, there’s a delay before entry can begin.

The upcoming v2.0.6 will reenable this.

Thank You!

I despise how Tab usage in 2.0.6 will now make the URL field, that I’ve never wanted to modify, editable again. :angry: