21 Items to Be Uploaded

I’m trying to handle a “21 items need to be uploaded” message in my log. When I rebuilt the database, I got 21 missing files. I’m not concerned about them (nice to have, but not essential files). Devonthink is still trying to upload them. How can I get the local database to “drop” them?

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Are the files still lurking in Trash?

When I rebuilt the database, I got 21 missing files. I’m not concerned about them (nice to have, but not essential files).

You should be concerned about missing files and endeavor to keep your databases clean and healthy. They’re not going to magically disappear and it’s not a good idea to propragate problems between syncing devices.

PS: Rebuilding a database would remove references to missing files. You are looking at pending files, not missing ones.

  • Do a toolbar search for item:pending.
    • If none, are found, try emptying the trash in DEVONthink.
    • If any pending files found and you don’t need them, move them to the databases’ Trash and empty the trash.
    • If there are pending files you need, are you indexing content?
      • If so, are you indexing from a mounted volume, e.g., a networked drive or external hard drive?
        • If so, is that volume mounted?

Thanks. That worked well.

You’re welcome!

Which of the steps resolved things for you?

I searched and moved the files to the trash as directed and emptied the trash. And everything was fine. This was about 10 am EST in the States.

Unfortunately, at about 7 am this morning, 21 items left to be uploaded started reappearing in my log. It tries every two minutes. I’m running the same database on an iPad and my iPhone. Could that be influencing the situation?

Did you Verify & Repair the databases on the mobile devices?

I’m not indexing iCloud or anything else. I am syncing using CloudKit. I use Devonthink to back up my work email, but that is a separate database.

I did a Verify and Repair on the mobile databases. I was having problems with my phone and visited the Apple Store last night. Apple first told me to reinstall ios. When I did that late last night, the battery came back flagged that it needed service. They just replaced the battery on the phone, and I’m reinstalling everything one app at a time.

If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them. I will wait to reinstall Devonthink to Go on the phone until I hear back.

Go ahead and reinstall. You’ll need to set up the sync location so you can reimport the databases too.

Thanks - I reinstalled it on my phone yesterday.

On my Mac, I got two CKErrorDomain 6 - one at about 2 PM and another at about 4 PM.

5 minutes after the 4 PM CKErrorDomain 6 error, the log started listing specific missing and orphaned files.

21 files are missing, and two are orphaned.

I have several groups in the database. In one of the subgroups, there is a group called Orphaned Files.

Two subgroups within Orphaned Files are BOTH called
“25441_10848020_021323160717-1-1” (I put in the quotes)

Both of those groups contain files and further subgroups, some of which are the ones labeled as Missing.

In addition, two hours later, I got a CKErrorDomain 6 listing again. (The operation couldn’t be completed).

The missing files show normal sizes - but when I click on them, I get a similar to the attached:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I suggest using a different sync method.

A CKError is a CloudKit error. A CKError 6 is a throttling error from Apple’s servers. If you are doing the initial upload, you should only be uploading one database at a time to try and reduce potential throttling.

Also, do you actually need to use a remote sync option, like CloudKit?

21 files are missing, and two are orphaned.

This is not a sync issue. It’s showing your database is unhealthy. You need to tend to the missing files as there’s no point in syncing problems to other devices.

Missing files are reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log. You can right-click entries in this window and choose Reveal to show the file, or Move to Trash to send the file to the database’s Trash. Then empty the trash by right-clicking the Trash and choosing Empty Trash, since the Trash is still a location in a database.

This is also covered in the Troubleshooting > Repairing a defective database > Missing Files section of the Help and manual.

The sync automatically avoids concurrent usage of the same database and/or the same sync location, meaning that one database is uploaded after another.

Noted. That was the only instance where I had seen a CKError 6 reported. Must have been coincidental or early behavior.