3,000 entries disappeared -- where to start recovery?

A few days ago, main database had over 3,000 entries.
Suddenly noticed today, only 43 entries!

Time Machine runs every night so those lost entries are somewhere.
How to find them and recover the database??

ALT+ File > Backup doesn’t do anything, so I’m lost.

Note: Computer problems last week (nothing to do with DT) and computer
was manually shut down after freeze, while DT was running . Not nice to do, but no choice with a system freeze.

Welcome @Ian1
Were you indexing or importing files?

Thanks for asking, but don’t know what DT was doing.
I certainly did not start any indexing or importing files.

Hard shutdown (holding power button about 10 seconds)
10-15 times during one week.

(Problems elsewhere, not in DT.)

Question is how to recover?
Have Time Machine.
Or maybe some other way?

Restoring from time machine is certainly explained elsewhere on the net – there’s nothing special in regards to DT here.
But you should certainly know if you have indexed or imported files into your database.

You most certainly did, how else would you have managed to see 3000 items in your database? Maybe a more thorough reading of the manual might help to clarify things.

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Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Thank you, Bluefrog -
Email sent.

You know, I’d be willing to pay for extra technical assistance like this.
I don’t think there is any bug in DT3 – the problem is entirely on my side.
Make support like this a “profit center” in your business.
Benefits on both sides.