3.6.2 Preferences pane too narrow

Can the preference pane either be made wider, or give us a way to drag it wider? As it is, preference tabs drip off the right edge of the pane. No major issue – just looks messy and incomplete.


Although this could be easily changed it would be really huge on Big Sur which wastes a lot of space in the toolbar unfortunately. And it looks really poor :slight_smile: Anyway, depending on feedback we might change this.

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I really really really hate the so wasted real-state in Big Sur. If Big Sur were going to be in touchscreens, well, is a thing that is needed to make space for fingers, but for an mouse/trackpad interface-only is a backward step in usability, like the “new” drop-down button in notifications instead of a clear-and-direct button.


Let’s invert that argument.

Instead of expanding the preferences pane by ~1/6th, why don’t we take the page that requires the least width - the colors page, and then, hey, lets make that even narrower by making the number of characters those label boxes can hold something arbitrary like (I’m feeling generous) the 11 characters of the longest default label - “Unimportant”, so that page will be about ~3 tabs wide, and then let’s shrink that page by ~4/6ths, take all those other tab icons and put them in the drop down on the right and then we’ll have saved all that space so people can… what? see underneath more of the preferences window while they’re interacting with the uh, preferences window?

What is it you think you are saving that space for?

It looks [insert negative here]. It adds a step. Anyone new to the app who doesn’t sit down and go through the documentation first thing may never find the maybe possibly just a teensy little bit important sync functionality that ties this app into another app on a billion device platform.

Seriously, I’d love to understand what advantage you’re getting from not fixing this?

Whilst I don’t feel that strongly, I do find it pretty dull having to get to some of the panes via the additional dropdown section and would prefer to see the preferences window expanded.

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Didn’t know you can change the preference’s icons.
How do. you do that?

You can’t. Even if it was technically possible, you shouldn’t.

Ok but how did op changed his

The OP didn’t change his. He’s showing the preferences in Big Sur.

Ok I guess big sur changes DT preference icon then.

Catalina DT preference icon are different.

That is correct. This is also shown in the Help as the screen captures have been updated to reflect the interface on Big Sur.

The next release will improve this.

Looking good.

Thank you!

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Thank you for fixing this.