3.8.6: an appreciation (well, two, actually)

More global smart groups, smart rules, and local smart groups show the matched item count immediately without requiring the user to select the item first.

The Document > Links inspector didn’t show multiple instances of the same outgoing links in formatted notes and Markdown documents. Fixed. However, in case of web pages only the first occurrence of a link is still listed to avoid unnecessary clutter.

:pray: :pray: :pray:



Added in parameter to the classify AppleScript command. This brings the results of this and the compare commands closer to the results in the See Also & Classify inspector.

Added Remove also locked items option to the warning when emptying the Trash when it contains both indexed and locked items.

Oh and almost a million other things. These “maintenance” releases (x.x.+1) are amazingly comprehensive. DEVONtech :heart:


Thank you all! We try to listen but not everything can be added to the next release.


I am away from Global HQ and mac-less. But I’m curious to read the release notes. Do you have a URL page available? Can’t spot it.

The PDF/EPUB/Mobi manual (DEVONtechnologies | Handbooks and Extras) contains the release notes too.

Added Image Reference option to Preferences > Files > Markdown to specify the type of links for embedded images, e.g., dropped, pasted, or downloaded images. The Automatic option still will use relative or item links, as needed.

Added button to sort the values of Single-Line and Set data types in Preferences > Data

Thanks to the whole team!


Awesome update again - thanks team!