3.8: custom metadata no longer created by smart rule

I am running the Pro edition of DEVONThink 3.8 under macOS 11.6.

I have a smart rule that automatically adds custom metadata to a custom metadata field on import of the relevant documents. When I imported some documents this morning no custom metadata was created.

Here is the smart rule:


Here is the custom metadata preference:

Everything worked under DT 3.7.2 so I’m wondering if something might have changed or whether this is a regression.


How does the date in the document actually look like? It’s possible that it’s not recognized.

The date at the start of the document appears as:

Date: 7 October 2021 at 21:06:53 BST

The filename, created from that date on pre-processing by Hazel is:

Thursday 7 October 2021.md


As the pattern is *day (meaning that everything before day is used), only Thurs is used in this case and therefore this fails as expected.

Thanks for the explanation. As it worked perfectly under 3.7.2 my incompetence has until now been hidden! I’ll revise and experiment…


Is this only metadata or visible in the rendered view?

In the rendered view. I was about to post to say I’m completely flummoxed at present!

Edit: there is a tab after Date: in the rendered view.


Does it work without the Scan Name action then?

The smart rule works perfectly but simply ignores the Scan Name action—which does suggest the action doesn’t produce a sensible result, of course. But if I do this:

day *
in the action that doesn’t work either. I’m unclear what I should be doing!


Incidentally, I’ve always been baffled by what this, on page 237 of the user guide, means:

With , , and , a prefix and/or suffix before/after the wildcard has to be specified.

Because I can’t understand it I don’t know if it could help me in this case. Apologies if I’m being obtuse.


Looks like a glitch of the help, we’ll check this.

Thanks - it’s baffled me for ages but I just thought I was being thick!


I just tried this successfully. Could you please export both the document and the smart rule and send them to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thank you!

As it’s a journal entry I’ll prepare a dummy one in identical format but without the body text below the header (that contains date, location and weather). I’ll just butcher one of the non-working entries, check it still doesn’t work and send that.

Thanks so much for the kind support and sorry to be a nuisance!


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I have emailed the requested items.


Did you send it to the suggested email address?



Unfortunately no email yet.

Well it hasn’t bounced—but will resend just in case.