3 bookmarklets to chose from?

Hi & good day,

Clip to DEVONthink
(on devon-technologies.com/download/extras.html)

There is first a list of Browser Extensions which I added to the bookmarks bar of the 3 browsers.

Then the title: “Bookmarklets without user interface”

“Add web pages or text selections to your database without any further interaction. One click. Drag or add the bookmarklet buttons to your browser’s bookmark bar.”

So if I want to use the bookmarklets for “Selection and/ or Text” do I then have to use them besides the Browser Extensions above? That will be at least 3 bookmarklets to chose from: 1 for the browser itself, then (in my case) 1 for Selection and 1 for Text?

Truly I must have misunderstood this?

bw, Omar K N