3 issues with Scansnap S1500M and DT3

Issue #1: on some scanned documents OCR cannot be performed.

Documents are not locked but still, the context menu is dimmed:

This error persists even if I move the document from Inbox to some other folder. Tedious workaround: move document to Desktop, delete it in DT3 and move it back to DT3. Than, OCR can be performed.

Isuue #2: scanning into DT3 creates two identical files.

Issue #3: in some cases ScanSnap reports an error:

However, file is always in Inbox, all pages correct. File cannot be OCR-ed (see Issue #1). My impression is that this error happens in case of multi-page scans. The funny part is that just one file is created.

Thanks for any advise on how to fix these issues.

P.S. In case anyone wonders why I don’t OCR document with ScanSnap the answer is simple: DT3 has much better OCR engine than ScanSnap. DT3 recognizes diacritical characters such as čČ šŠ žŽ, which is absolutely superb in comparison to ScanSnap.

Could you hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Please ZIP and attach the PDF shown in screencap 1. Thanks!

Thank you. I started a support ticket.

Fixed by your technical support. Great job!

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