3 pane disappearing display pane!

In DTPO beta 5, if you open something in 3 pane view in wide screen, coverflow off, then take the list column (middle column, assuming sidebar is hidden) and drag the right side all the way over to the right, the display area disappears. Oops. The pesky thing doesn’t come back either, at least I can get it to. Very weird!! Ok. I found that if I turn on cover flow then the list column (middle column) disappears, but it allows me to drag the left part of the coverflow window over to the left and then the list view appears again. I like the idea of hiding columns, but is there an easy way to make the display window easily come back?

Could you send me (cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com) screenshots of the window before/after the display “disappeared”? Because I couldn’t reproduce this over here. Thank you!

Ok. I’ll send some screen shots. I just tried it and I couldn’t get the display area to drag all the way to the right (it stops part way). So, I first dragged the middle panel as far to the left as possible. This will make it disappear. You can grab that window no problem, since the cursor turns into a vertical line with a right arrow, which you can drag open again. Once you do this, you can now drag the right display window all the way to the right, but you can’t get it to go back even though the vertical cursor with a left arrow shows. Like I said you have to turn cover flow on to recover.