3 Pane view in DT3

I understand bug reporting is of essence for DT3 however…My entire database collection reflects the same structure used when building a website. I have complex classifications systems created over the years. The structural visual aspect of DT2 played a significant role in how my classification system emerged. The lack of the 3 pane view is rendering my years of painstaking effort, well, somewhat pointless. I would appreciate letting me know if this feature will be implemented in future DT3 releases. I need some sort of attack plan and I can’t make a decision until I have some clarification in regards to the 3 p.v.


It is not advisable to use DEVONthink 3 with mission-critical data or in production environments. I would suggest you should continue working with your databases in DEVONthink 2.x in your original account and use a separate macOS account for testing DEVONthink 3.

I was taken aback by this as well, but I’ve found some new ways of navigating which might suit you (it solved the problem for me):

  • With the sidebar open, select “Standard” view (content in the bottom pane).
  • Go deep inside any subfolder of your database using the sidebar.
  • Look at the top bar above the document list, you can use a breadcrumbs bar to go up one more or levels.
  • If you then double-click a folder in the list in the document list (not the sidebar), the earlier expanded folder in the sidebar collapses and the sidebar reflects your new location in the hierarchy.

I didn’t notice this before but it seems to be easy enough navigation system to adapt to. Don’t know if this can help you out, though.

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I always worked in 3 pane view also. Not having it is the only thing I like less about DT3.


I liked the 3 pane view as well.


I’m using it always. Not having it in DT3 will let me stay with DT2.
Please, please integrate it into DT3 !!!


Don’t mean to be offending and my apology if I did.
I find it puzzling if anyone would decide not upgrading to DT 3 merely for one UI, considering all the other significant UI and non-UI enhancements in 3.0.
I think carrot is more effective than the stick. The more users are upgrading, the more likely DT is to consider adding optional features in the future.

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For me it is not just one UI, but the way I’m working everyday with DT2 and its way to present the data on my wide screen is the most effective way to work. I do not understand why the way of presenting the data is now different in the new version. The sidebar for navigation to me is not consistent and helpful.
My opinion…

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That’s a fair point. But for some people, the 3-pane view is a key part of their workflow. To adapt to DT3 they will have to make some major changes to the way they work. That is very disruptive and means a cost - in time and errors and general loss of productivity.

So there may be good reasons for the DT team to make the change, but it does have a very big impact on some people.


I have never liked or used 3-pane view, but I’ve been following this conversation with interest.

I was wondering if a fan of 3-pane view could post a screenshot of their DT2 interface, showing what they can do with 3-pane that they feel cannot be done in DT3?

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What’s currently not possible is to select multiple groups in the sidebar or to view only documents in List view. But such options are planned.


@cgrunenberg thanks for confirming the planned implementation!

great news! any hope for keyboard focus in the sidebar?:crossed_fingers:

There’s always hope but one step after another :slight_smile: Bugs & glitches have absolutely the highest priority right now.

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Here comes my screenshot. Optimal view for me, optimal navigation. Not possible in DT3.


How would that layout work on a 13" laptop such as MacBook Air?

It will not. I’m having 2 34" screens. Can’t live without it.

@cgrunenberg, any hope for the option to add additional metadata columns and have multiple documents opened in tabs as well in DTP3? (I use basically the same layout as the screenshot by @FraThi above but with different metadata columns.)

It would work with my 43" 4k TV that I use for monitor as well, but not practical as most of us spend a large time with laptops only.

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I cannot understand why a feature (3 pane view) has been abolished. Having optional views is fine.