3 panel view


is there anyway to get a three panel view of data in the database similar to the mac mail layout. I know that there is the notepad view and the outliner view. I’d like to see a combination of the notepad and the outliner view … so something like on the left side seeing all of the folders. When you click on a folder then to the right the top panel would list messages and the lower panel would show the item you click on. I think it would help me organize my work much better and give a sense of the items listed within each folder … each item could also list things like creation date. So, I’d like this in one view rather than going back and forth between the two views.

Also, is there a way to control the ordering of the items when looking at something in the outliner view … I know that there is a preference to control how the folders are ordered (alpha, etc) but this also impacts the files. I may want to organize my folders differently than I organize the content in the files … for example order the folders in alpha order but order the files by file types. Can the ordering of files and folders be independent from each other?

Thanks for any advice.

Manual sorting will come in v1.8 and a 3 panel view might come in a future release (maybe v2.0).