32000 missing files

Today I decided to do maintenance on my four DT3 databases. Three of them did just fine. On the fourth one I first did Verify & Repair and it report all ok except for one missing file. I then did an Optimize Database and still had the one missing files. Lastly I did the “rebuild database” and it came back with no errors but now had 32,528 missing files!!!

First of all, I have twice daily, 7 day rolling backups to an external drive, so I have multiple copies of the data. My concern is;

  1. how did this happen, especially the 1 missing growing to 32K missing as a result of a “rebuild database”?
  2. is there any fix that I’m not aware of?
  3. if delete the database and copy the most recent backup in it’s place will I screw up my sync set to iCloud, which syncs with one other Mac and an iPad?

Please advise

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Can you provide more information about the database concerned?

  • does the database contain indexed files?
  • if you sample the missing files, are they indexed or local, ie contained (or previously contained) in the database?
  • if indexing plays a role, what is the path to the missing files, or a sample of those?
  • what is the path to the database?

There are zero indexed files, all files are local.2021-02-05_21-45-01.pdf (376.9 KB)

@BLUEFROG Jim, help pls. It’s none of the things which were obvious (to me) potential sources of data loss.

New info. See attached file and note the new “duplicates”, “orphaned files”, “recently added”, “History” and “filter duplicates”. They are all around the 32k number?!?! Prior to the “rebuild database” all these numbers were at or around zero.
2021-02-06_02-25-57.pdf (538.4 KB)

This is being handled in support now.

Thanks for that :slight_smile: