360 video support within DevonThink Pro web browser?

I note that DevonThink Pro does not support 360 videos within it’s internal web browser, as per Chrome.
Is this feature on the list to be supported some time soon?

DEVONthink uses Mac OS X’s WebKit framework to render web pages. Maybe upcoming releases of Mac OS X will support 360 videos but there are no plans to add this over here. AFAIK even Safari doesn’t support such videos yet.

Thank you for your prompt reply. It would be great if DT could get ahead of the game on this. 360 video is likely to expand exponentially, with minor players such as Facebook, Google and Apple all trying to outspend each other for market leadership.

This isn’t a question of our developments efforts. We use using Apple supplied and approved technologies, not rolling our own browser tech. If Apple’s WebKit supports 360 video in the future, then we would as well. Cheers!