3rd party software for Fujitsu S1500m scanner

I currently own a Fujitsu S1500m scanner that I use exclusively for DT. The scanner itself works great but with the latest Mac OS, I get a message that the software needs to be updated. While the version of ScanSnap that I have still seems to work, I suspect by the next Mac OS upgrade, it may not. Given that Fujitsu has already stated they won’t be updating this software since the scanner is too old, I’m looking at third party scanning software. Both Vuescan and Exactscan have software that is supposed to work with the S1500. Has anyone tried either of these software packages and how do they work with DT? I prefer not to have to buy a new scanner when the S1500 works fine except for the software.


Scans send directly to DEVONthink from both applications should support the option to automatically perform OCR (see Preferences > OCR).

Same boat, here. Please report your results. TIA

I have now spent about 15 minutes trying out both Vuescan and Exactscan. Both will do the job of scanning and the OCR part of DT takes care of adding the text layer to a PDF. The OCR part seems to be greatly speeded up in this version of DT. I don’t know if that is an improvement in DT or the Abby fine reader but no matter, the speed increase is appreciated.

As far as my preference of scanning software, I like the Exactscan better so far. Vuescan has a bit of a non-standard interface while the Exactscan looks more mac like in operation. In Exactscan, there is an option to have DT open the file directly so its pretty seamless to get documents into DT. I couldn’t find a similar option in Vuescan so I needed the extra step of then importing the scanned files into DT. Maybe I just missed this somewhere in the Vuescan options. Again, these are my initial thoughts after 15 minutes and I’ll probably do more testing on each.