4GB database but 16GB in actual size?

When I right-click a database in DEVONthink (Database properties), it says it’s 4.4GB, but when I click ‘Get Info’ in Finder for the particular database, it says it’s 16.64GB in size.

Is this normal?

The size displayed by the Database Properties panel is the size of all files in the database. This doesn’t include e.g. the search index, the metadata storage or backups.


How would I purge everything else (Backups, metadata storage and backups)? I’m on a really small drive at the moment (Only 120 GB, with less than 8 GB remaining.), so I’d like to remove all the superfluous stuff.

Update: I deleted the 800,000 tags that were in my database (Automatically generated via RSS.) but it only shrunk the database file by 1 GB.

You can set Preferences > Backup to 0 or 1 to limit the internal backups (though I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it).

You can close the database and right-click > Show Package Contents on the .dtBase2 file to go into the internals of the database and manually delete them (but again, this isn’t something I normally advocate). Do not delete anything but the Backup folders.

PS: You can uncheck Preferences > RSS > Convert Categories to Tags to avoid the proliferation.


Deleted backups, reduced to 8 GB now. Mystery 4 GB remaining.

Odds are it is the .dtMeta files, which you absolutely should NOT delete.

Also, does the database have unemptied Trash? If so, these files are still part of the database.