5.0.5 DTTG crashes repeatedly on IOS 14.5

Anyone else having this instability with the most recent build?

If I’m not mistaken, current version of DEVONthink Togo is 3.0.4 and Apple’s IOS is 14.4.1. So you are running two beta versions and not production? If yes, then probably best to report this back to the place from which you received this software.

You replied to me. I am not running any beta software and have nothing to report.

Oh, sorry. That was, of course, meant to be a reply to the thread opener.

@ubergene, please open a support ticket and attached all crash logs from DEVONthink To Go that you can find in Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data.

If you are referring to DEVONthink To Go 3.0.5 please don’t post any information about it here in the public part of the forum but ask in the closed beta groups instead. Thank you.

I apologize, I should have done as you ask. I think that the problem I was having was due to a delay in full installation of the 3.0.5. beta. (There was a long delay before the “what to test” splash screen appeared.)

Running well now.

And, yes, double beta (DTTG and IOS) is a risk, I know!!