64 bit Devonthink, coming ever?

Got a new MBP, 16GB RAM that I’d like to be using, Devon sees less then 4GB and looks like it uses 2-3GB at most. When I open many databases at once and start to run out of the memory it is seeing, it has a tendency to crash.
We are a month away from Mountain Lion where nothing except 64bit is supported anymore, it is the middle of 2012, any chance that the last app I still run that’s in 32bit is ever going to make the upgrade?
Please, it would be really helpful.

It’s been officially listed as coming very soon.

Devontimeline translator:

soon = 3-5 years
very soon = 1-3 years
very very soon = mid 2013 (sync should arrive by then).

Mountain Lion requires a 64-bit Mac but is still able to execute 32-bit applications.

Oh seems so true!

That’s great, does this mean you’ve given up on the 64 bit version? It’s becoming a serious pain over here. A few years ago it didn’t matter, but now it does. Does your version of Devonthink not crash when you open more databases then fit inside less then 2GB of memory? Mine does all the time.

I’m hoping for a fix very very shortly, I’ll set iCal to remind me for 2014.

I don’t mean to be snappy but I’m getting seriously annoyed with things, kicking off my evening was the DTTG update starting to trash every rtf file I view in it and writing 2nd copies of those renamed files back to my desktop app.

It’s days like this that make me wish Evernote met my needs. Sigh.

Definitely not.