A better iOS keyboard?

I really appreciate DTTG, except for one thing: it uses the default iOS keyboard. In particular, I would really like to have a “Tab” key right next to the regular keys. And arrow keys, too, for better cursor control when editing. I occasionally see better keyboards in other apps – Termius comes to mind, but I really miss those features in DTTG.

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DEVONthink To Go can use any third-party keyboard you install, so you can choose freely among the available options.

If anyone knows of a keyboard with good cursor control lemme know.
Something with my brain/hand combo doesn’t play nicely with however the iOS boffins at Apple expect it to work. In DT and out.

As far as the OP’s request, it would almost require a specific KB for each document type. I could see a markdown keyboard that has a row of common use emphasis and other markdown schema as one button keys (the ones are already right at the top of the screen in pull-down menus).
The rtf and PDF editors would need their own kb I guess.

Maybe this…?

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I just received one of these a couple days ago. It seemed intriguing as it reminded me of my days with a Palm Treo. I was convined iPhone would never be a success since it did not have a “real” keyboard like the Treo :-). I was a bit off the mark there.

Nonetheless I really like a physical keyboard for the feedback to help with typing speed. And it clears up screen real estate from the on-screen keyboard. The Clicks documentation also emphasizes the ability to use the Command key to create custom shortcuts.

So far much of that is true. However its biggest limitations appear to be a result of Apple security restrictions. There are some considerable limitations Apple places on external keyboards. For example, TextExpander on the Iphone will only activate an expansion if the last character of the trigger is pressed on the screen; it will not allow the external keyboard to trigger an expansion.

I have an inquiry into technical support to see if they know a way to activate the equivalent of arrow keys on this keyboard. So far I have tried a bunch of workarounds to no avail. If I hear better news from tech support I will let you know.

Intriguing. Unfortunately, they say nothing about „accented“ characters like German umlauts. Do you know if those are accessible with a long press like with the virtual keyboard?

The long press does not work from the physical Clicks keyboard. However if under Settings-Keyboard-Hardware I add the German keyboard then I can create the specialized German characters by pressing the 123 key on the Clicks keyboard along with another key on the keyboard.

So it is doable but will likely require a change in muscle memory to what you are used to using.

Thanks. Seems that they got it mostly right, except for ß vs. ss

There are a few different German keyboards - and I did not exhaustively test every possible special character it can generate.

So while we know it can generate ss, I am not certain that means ß is unsupported

OK - As I am sure you know, iOS has Gerrman keyboards for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Using the Germany version, I can create ß vs. ss by turning Capitalization on vs off.

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And the Swiss don’t have that letter, so it makes perfect sense.


There was a firmware update to the keyboard

Now it works just as you initially hoped it would

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Cool thing. I’ll probably get myself such a thing with the next iPhone.


This article explains many additional customization features of the Clicks keyboard - it is quite dense in info but solid gold.

Most notably - if you set the Globe to be the “Control” key then Ctrl-B and Ctrl-F move forward or back one letter in a document. There is no way to go up or down with the keyboard but you can touch the screen to get to the line you want to edit; then Ctrl-B and Ctrl-F let you move one character at a time on that line.

Yes, it works in DTTG.

Just saw this today on Product Hunt. Says it works on Mac, iPHone, and iPad. Intriguing.