A better way to use MobileSync with GoodReader?

The script of 7 August renames entries in a DevonThink database based on their label: it prefixes the names of entries that have the first label with “1_”, that have the second label with “2_” and that have the third label with “3_”

You asked for this on 2 June:

My snippet of 26 June indicates how to write a script that replicates the entries of a smart group to an indexed group and moves the corresponding files to the external folder. It isn’t a working script, only a sketch.

I posted a working script that replicates entries from three smart groups (‘Label High’, ‘Label Medium’ and ‘Label Low’) to the corresponding indexed groups (‘High’, ‘Medium’, ‘Low’) and moves the relevant files to their external folders in the ‘Replicating to indexed groups by means of AppleScript’ thread in the Scripting Forum.

That script can be used to automate the workflow I suggested on 31 May 2012 21:22:

and 31 May 2012 23:22:

The script performs step 3,5, and 6 in the setup of 3 June (perform step 1,2 and 4 before running the script!).

The script doesn’t replicate entries that are already in an indexed group in order to avoid troubles with replicants within indexed groups:

Working with indexed groups is a tricky business and for that reason I suggest experimenting with the workflow as described on 31 May (21:22 and 23:22) and 3 June before starting with the script!

Good luck!