a big THANKS to the crew at DevonThink

I just want to offer a big thanks to Bluefrog and the crew of solution providers at DT. This forum is a wonderful asset to those struggling to figure out the many aspects of DT. I’m sure our questions frequently seem really stupid, but when you’re on our end, you often can’t see “the forest for the trees in the way”.

Thank-you, thank-you thank-you :exclamation:

Larry Dunville

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Thanks for the kind words, Larry. We are very fortunate to have an open forum with people willing to help and discuss (and sometimes disagree about :smiley: ) all things DEVONtech.

PS: No questions are dumb in here. Peoples’ level of use and expertise vary greatly, from the casual user and newbies to hardcore veterans. Sometimes people need instruction, sometimes opinion, and sometimes to just talk something through.

This PS of Jim’s should be a sticky! I have invariably found the help you get here from Jim et al to be excellent and given with respect and patience. :smiley:

I’ll add my thanks as well. Not only are the forums fantastically useful, but DEVONthink itself is the single most used app I have (outside of messaging). I keep everything in it, from academic papers, personal notes, and bookmarks to archives of manuals and software bundles.

Thanks for building such a versatile tool!

@ jaerangeion: Thanks and glad to hear it! It is indeed a versatile app and there are many imaginative uses people come up for it. :smiley:


Also +1. DT is an enormously flexible and open platform, and this forum is an essential and invaluable part of the suite. That there’s so many core, helpful and generous people here makes it a unique suite of tools and support.

However, I do think Jim et al should get a weekend away from the forum. Maybe a new year bonus? :wink:

Thanks, Dave. :smiley: