… a brand new "product line" ??

In the official announcement that was sent to all members of the Devon-community we are told:

“We are starting into 2012 with a brand new product line: DEVONsphere. Its first two family members are DEVONsphere Express […] and DEVONsphere Server.”

The first two members of a product line?? It would then be very nice to know what else we can expect in the near future. But probably I’m asking too much.

It’s an interesting product. I seems to me they are attempting the leverage the search function/engine found in DT. So for a much lower price, they are effectively introducing a whole new market to the search functions found in DSE’s older (and bigger) product cousins (and thus help fund their continued development). Smart, really.

I bought the app immediately to support the company, but I suspect I will continue to rely on the carefully constructed indices I’ve built using DTPO.

Here’s hoping it generates a nice little revenue for the team!


See devontechnologies.com/produc … rview.html

It’s also recommended for DEVONsphere Express not to add each folder, volume & file to the index (e.g. /System or /Library) but only the interesting/useful ones.