A couple of DTTG questions

Hope these questions are not too elementary, but here goes. I’m setting up a new iPad Pro and I will be decommissioning my current iPad Pro for trade-in. First question is, how do I restore my DTTG purchase (not subscription) on the new iPad? Second question, the current iPad is the Bonjour server to an iMac, iPhone, and third iPad. Do I need to do anything on the current iPad to change that, or can I just wipe it clean and setup Bonjour on the new iPad to make it the server? I assume I will need to make the new iPad a client first to move all the data to it? Thanks!

When you start up the new iPad the machine will give you menu prompts to copy data and software from old to new. It just works.

Understood, but when setting up a new device I always start from scratch. 40 years now using a Mac and later the iOS/iPadOS devices and I’ve never copied over apps and settings from an old device. More work for sure, but I don’t worry that I’m introducing old corruption into a new device.

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That’s unusual; I would expect to see the iMac set as the Bonjour server

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Unusual, yes. But the iPad is my primary device. Also considered unusual by most.

@BLUEFROG Jim, any suggestions on these questions, especially restoring the license?

You bought through the app store. And all apps bought that way (there is no other, at least not outside the EU) are automagically licensed for (afair) five i*OS devices. There’s nothing to restore, afaict.

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Sorry. I was in and out with family stuff.

You should be able to just restore your purchase on the onboarding screen or in DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Your Subscription > Manage. Are you not seeing that?

Yes, temporarily you will need to use the new iPad as a client to import the databases as you can’t push a database to a device.

Ideally, you are using a full not a shallow sync so it has all the contents on the new iPad. After the sync:

  1. Disable the sync.
  2. Enable the new iPad as the Bonjour server
  3. Disable Bonjour on the old iPad.
  4. Set up the old iPad as a client of the new iPad.
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Originally it was only giving me the option to start a new subscription. I just checked again, and it does now show as a Version 3 Upgrade. Thanks also for the sync process-appreciated!

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You’re welcome! Nice to see you here :slight_smile: