A dream of a better clutter-free

It depends. Sometimes it is Safari who do the best job. Or DEVONsave script. DT use to do a good job as well. And last resort is use DT capturing the entire page as Formatted Note and manually edit it.

As I use to scrap for more or less same sites, I know by memory best option and automatically use it. My last experiments are with DT RSS feed from Inoreader with custom css. You can read something about that here:

However, if I had to keep only one, I will keep Safari’s Reading View.

Actually, @brookter, I just found out that this is not limited to RTF or Markdown!
In Safari Reader, it’s possible to do Print → Save as PDF to DEVONthink 3.

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Hah, yes it is possible! I have that on a Keyboard Maestro shortcut, but had forgotten about it… There are so many ways to do some things that it’s hard to keep track of them sometime…