A feature disappeared in the recent update

I am missing a very important feature to me in the recent update to DTTG.
My newspaper app is not very cleverly constructed, which means that when I copy articles from there into DTTG, which I do almost every day, I have to use the print-to-PDF trick and share it with DTTG. When an article is more than one page I have to Repeat this process. In the former edition of DTTG, I would then go to “recently modified” select the two pages and choose “merge”. This is no longer possible. The “merge” command is not available anymore the under “recently modified”. This makes my copying articles into DTTG even more complicated than it already is.
Any chance that the “merge” command will return to “recently modified”? I would love to see that.
Best regards, Per

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Yes, merging is available in the next maintenance release.

Thank you, Jim! I appreciate that! And thankyou also for your quick response time!:pray::+1::grinning:

You’re welcome and thank you for the kind words :smiling_face: