A few questions on negation operator for Name and others

Just want to know:

(1) how to filter Name “does not” begins with in smart rule/rule?
(2) What’s the difference between “matches” and “contains” in Name search, and is “:!” the correct negation operator (e.g., name:! word, or name:! (word1 word2)) for “matches” and “contains”?
(3) The help document mentions quite a few document specific metadata fields, such as docAuthors, doc…,etc. While those metadata fields can be accessed in smart rules, users won’t see those specific metadata fields in the inspector sidebar by design?

Thanks in advance

Name matches NOT word

Only the “matches” option supports boolean operators & wildcards, all other options are plain string comparisons.

See Inspectors > Document > Properties.

Thank you for the advice.
(1) “Name matches NOT word” has the same outcome as “Name NOT begins with”? Just to confirm
(2) I tried using the criteria, both in search field and directly in smart group, the searched list returns items outside of the scope. Most of the files in my group begins with “P.XXX”, I tried using “P.” and P.* and both return with many other items that are outside the scope. “P.” also returns with the correct items within the scope, but P.* returns with all items in the database. Not sure what have I done wrong?
(3) If I search for regex operators on the web, will most/all syntax be applicable to DT3?
Thanks again

There’s neither a “begins with” search operator nor a “not begins with” advanced search option, therefore I’m not sure what exactly you tried.

Seems to be a bug.

No, it’s not a regex search. See help.

Not drilling for answer but to clarify what I meant to clarify

In this case operators like NOT aren’t supported, the name has to begin with the entered string.

Thanks for the explanation.

Fixed in beta 2.


maybe I’m doing something wrong. The following occurs in search an smart rules.

  • Searching for PDF and name starts with 2019 shows 4 PDF-Files.
  • Searching for PDF and name starts NOT with 2019 shows al lot of stuff and the one PDF in my Test-DB that starts with 2018.

Running Beta2
See the Screenshots.

:<! Negating in this fashion is not supported. Development would have to assess implementing such negations.

PS: Clicking the Advanced button displays the underlying criteria. Changing the values in the search field is a great way to understand and see if your syntax is valid or not.

OK, I have done that.

kind:pdf name:>2019 displays correct results with the PDF’s starting with 2019.

But I want to see all PDF’s that start not with 2019.

So I used kind:pdf name: NOT 2019 and got a lot of stuff that does not start with 2019, from Tags to Groups, etc. not only the PDF’s as I selected in Search. See Screenshot for the advanced Search fields.

Thanks for the bug report, beta 3 will fix this.

Great work :+1: search now works for those cases. Thank you :slight_smile: