A few small bugs

Here are a few bugs i found working with DT 2rc4:

  1. When you have a feed in your database and u delete a few entries (because they’re not interesting etc) DT will reload the deleted articles the next time u start it. It would probably be better if it kept an record of the titles of articles it already downloaded.

  2. When u have a website opened in the internal browser, u cant drag&drop the address (into another database etc.)

  3. When dropping URL/Feeds from Safari into the dropbox or a database, it sometimes takes up to 20 seconds, in which safari is unresponsible. The same i expirienced usinmg firefox

I’m sorry if these bugs are already reported, but i did’t have time searching allover the forum. :smiley:

Hope u could fix those in the next RC

The next beta will fix the third issue, the other ones are not really bugs but missing features :slight_smile: