A file that won’t open

I have recently backed up my email to a DT file. The file will no longer open. It hangs at the end of the verification stage and when I look at Force Quit Applications it indicates that DT in not responding. I have tried it several times with reboots between starts and long times with the rainbow beach ball twirling, but nothing seems to help. Is there anything I can do to pry into the file and dig out the new additions? My backup copy of the old file still works fine. The original file was 330mb and the new one is 1.3gb.

I have a G4 Sawtooth with 3/4GB RAM and OS 10.4.11. It’s slow but it usually gets the job done, but not this time.


I’m wondering about corrupt PDF files because your situation again sounds like a variation of the issue addressed in this post:


First consider ruling out this issue before any further debugging, because if a PDF file is involved, solutions are easy and you could save a lot of time.

I guess there could be PDF file attachments, but it was email being backed up by the Applescript that accompanies DT and the result is, I think, just the text of the email.