A Generic Browser Window for Applescript Results?


Please take this as a very general thought: I’m not sure that I’ve thought it through completely, and there may be some better way to approach it, perhaps even with DTPO as it exists.

I’ve been writing a few Applescripts that select items in a database using criteria that go beyond what a search could do.

A current example is duplicate file names. I downloaded a bunch of PDFs from the NYT database in 2008, and some in 2009, and it turns out they update their copyright notices! So I have quite a few PDFs that are essentially identical, but DTPO doesn’t automatically recognize them as such.

It isn’t a huge problem to write an Applescipt that will flag the duplicate filenames. Right now I’m dumping the information to the Console and using it as a “map” into the “All PDF Documents” smart group.

It would be really great if I could dump the result of an Applescript into a DTPO browser window, and then be able to use the basic sorting features (by label, filename, etc.), and also to be able to “Get Info” on the results, etc.

I suppose that I could write the results to a scratch DTPO database, but I think that Replicant information isn’t preserved across databases, correct?

Anyway, just a thought. Things as they are right now are pretty fine, as it always is with DTPO!

Best, Charles

Replicants are database specific, therefore I’d suggest to replicate the results into a new group, then open this group in a new window via the “open record” command.

Thanks for the tip, Christian!