a "how to" question ...

Hi, I would like to emulate the use of a database application (i.e. FileMaker) such that I can have a simple interface for data entry - like a form - and then search, find, and view the information in either the simple (form) view or in a table (collected) view. Ideally, I’d be able to sort the data in the table view, but that might not be possible. Is there a way to do those other things in DTPO? Thanks very much, Keith

Oh yes, such a form entry would be wonderful. A Bento-in-DevonThink way of adding data would be so nice. Create your own PIM, CRM, whatever, import iCal and AddressBook data.

I’d gladly pay an extra $50-100 to have this added.

Perhaps as a feature request for DTPO 3?

Or a plug-in?

But first, just keep fine-tuning DTPO 2!

Have you tried playing with Sheets and Records? You could set up a sheet and use that as a form data entry. If you need to use the same sheet over and over, you could set the sheet up, use File>Export>Template to save it as a template and then use Data>New>with Template to start a new sheet with the same columns.

As for a table view, I don’t know of a way to get DTPO to do what I think you’re asking. Data entered into sheets does show up in searches. If that’s any help.