A Proposal for the Integration of DEVONthink and ChatGPT API

With the release of ChatGPT API, plenty of work can be assisted with AI, including file management in DEVONthink, of course.

I have come up with a GPT-based workflow for academic research. Currently, ChatGPT has the excellent language capabilities, including natural language understanding and writing. However, what it lacks is the ability to observe and infer. So it would be great if I, as a researcher, can feed ChatGPT with a lot of specific materials which are saved in DEVONthink database, and then ChatGPT can learn them and return summaries and retrieve specific information I asked, of course, with corresponding sources for citation.

A month ago, I thought it was impossible in the current period, but now I think this workflow could come true. I really hope that ChatGPT API can be integrated into DEVONthink :beers:

There is a similar online websites that can do this kind of work, but I hope it can be achieved locally and across multiple PDFs; i.e. my DEVONthink database. Do you guys have any ideas?


You don’t need to wait…. Use applescript to feed the data to chatGPT already. Devonthink is perhaps one of the most ideal macOS apps out there in how well they let you get your data and use it - including making your own integration like this at any time you want it.

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Wow! Could you share your use-case?

I just want to chime in here after trying out the website you linked @TomBen. After uploading a couple PDFs, I find the functionality of asking questions and getting answers based on the PDF’s contents super useful.

This kind of functionality in DevonThink would add a lot of value in my view. Especially if, as I believe the OP suggests, the questions could refer not just to one PDF but to a whole collection.


It’s a definite No if you don’t ask, but I would say inclusion or direct integration with ChatGPT is highly unlikely at this time.

Can I ask why? Do you really think that tools like Chatgpt is just some fancy ephemeral trend which will be forgotten quite quickly?

Well it’s not nearly as good as actual integration but this is a new app in any event.

So far it works on my M2 laptop but will not install on my Intel Mac Pro desktop. Not sure why that is.


Thank you for sharing with me. However, this option is reliant on the utilization of text fields, which is not preferred by me.

Currently, LlamaIndex is probably the greatest option to index my own documents by using ChatGPT API.

For PDF documents, you could try this project: