A question/potential bug on wiki-link setting in DT3b3

I have the following setup for wiki-link:
My understanding is that Wiki link will only be established when the exact full name of an item or its aliases (any names within the aliases field that are separated by common) is matched.
I found that for tags that are excluded from tagging but with names exactly the same as word/s in rtf files are also shown as link and clicking on such link will always create a new blank note.
For example, if there is a tag that is excluded from tagging and with name “abc123890”, typing “abc123890” in any rtf will create a wiki-link.

Thank you in advance

Please verify the settings. I can match the excluded Tag (which is now essentailly a group) when All items is enabled, but not Only documents.

Just a follow up. It’s me, not DT3b3. I have some groups/items hidden below several levels that have the names matching with what I typed.

Thanks for the follow-up :slight_smile: