A quick question re: changing DTTG instance of a database (that originates on my laptop) from download-all to download on-demand

Hi there,
I have a database that has become much to large to download everything to my iPhone. Time to make it on-demand only for this instance of the database, which I normally only access from my laptop. Can someone clarify the correct workflow to make this change? I think it would be:

  1. first assure all syncing is done from my laptop to CloudKit for this particular database, then ditto for my iPhone (my only other Apple device). This might take a while because I’ve been busy in the database. I’m fine with waiting for this to finish.
  2. tell DTTG to stop syncing to this database
  3. delete the database in DTTG
  4. do a sync on-demand in DTTG and wait a while just to be safe
  5. re-activate syncing to this database in DTTG, which should then effectively re-download the database’s items without the files themselves.

I started going about this path and got as far as deleting the database in DTTG, then freaked out when I saw the “permanent” warning. (My fear is probably unrealistic as I already told DTTG to stop syncing to this database.)

Thanks in advance!

Is your sync location already set to Download Files: On demand?

It is as of today. When I went back into iPhone>General to glance at storage/usage, I spotted a reduction in DT in terms of total GB allocated to the app and its content, but it didn’t drop drastically.

If that’s all I have to do, however, and the purge process simply takes time, that’s certainly a much more simple solution than all those steps I thought possibly were necessary.

  • The sync location needs to be set to a shallow sync.
  • The database also needs to be set to a shallow sync in its Info popup.
  • The Keep slider in the Settings needs to be set to whatever retention rate is desired.

@BLUEFROG Can you clarify first and third bullet? Sync location, I then assume, means making this adjustment on my laptop (database of origin), correct? Easy. Where is the Keep slider located? Thanks as always :slight_smile:

In my version of DEVONthink ToGo I do not see the words “shallow sync”. Do you mean “on demand”?

Yes. On demand is also called a shallow sync.

You’re welcome.
No, I am referring to in DEVONthink To Go’s Settings.
Tap the Edit link then the sync location and make the change there.
The Keep slider is also in the settings.

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