A simple job and a big problem

Hello together,
I want to create a stamp with a counter which increases the value by one each time I stamp a document. I tried out smart roules and the implemented scripts but nothing works. I hope, someone will show me a working example. Thanks!

Welcome @ehmdeh
That is currently only possible by using the Counter or Index placeholder, but they will always reset and can’t be started on a specific value.

However, if you selected multiple documents, the counters would increment on each document, so two documents would be imprinted as 1 then 2.

Am I misunderstanding, or doesn’t the Bates Number placeholder do this?
(EDIT: “this” = what the OP asked for)

There’s not enough info to determine this, but perhaps the Bates Number could be employed.
However, the Bates Number also isn’t reset and you can’t start on a specific number (at least not without some machinations).

Hello Bluefrog,
thanks for your message, I learned a lot:
First, I didn’t know that it’s nessesary to select some documents to use counter or index.
Second, I realized, that counter and index placeholders wil reset after the use
third, the bates number works very interesting. It does’t reset and when you stamp a document a second time, it will use the same number like the first time. Also the bates number works correct, when I have selected some documents.

Thanks, I learned more than I expected!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: