A strange "File missing" problem

Just had a strange problem that I haven’t experienced before: I moved a group by dragging from one database to another. Everything seemed right, all subgroups were in place. But when I wanted to access the files in the groups all files were missing. I got the “file missing” notice. I then tried to drag the group back to the original database but this wasn’t possible.
So what is happening here?
Best regards, Per

  • Are you using macOS’ disk management to put the Documents and Desktop folders in iCloud?
  • Were the files imported or indexed?
    • If indexed, have you verified the files are intact?
    • If imported, when’s the last time you did a File > Verify & Repair on the source database?

Did DEVONthink crash or did you use force quit after moving the items?

The database I moved the files out of is not synchronized, the database I am move the files into is synchronized through iCloud CloudKit.

Not indexed. The files were in the database I move them out of.

Isn’t that done by every new lounge off Devonthink? In that case a few days?


I did verify & repair on the database I moved the files out of: no problems. I did the same on the database I move the files into: 39 problems that couldn’t be repaired. This is the number of the new files I moved in.

Only if the app wasn’t terminated properly.

Were any orphaned files reported for the source/destination database?


Are you sure that the files existed before moving them? In case of a failure to move files there should remain at least orphans.

Yes, 100%! I have been working regularly with the files for the last week. And I just pulled in a backup of the database I move them out of and everything is there. So nothing is lost due to my backups. But I am still wondering what happened as it was a totally normal drag and drop procedure. And I would not want it to happen again.
I did a verify & repair on the backup just to check. Nothing to report.

I should be able to find orphans if I know their names, shouldn’t I? As I have the names of the missing files I’ve searched them in all databases and they do not show up. It seems like they are totally gone.

Orphans are flagged by the verify & repair mechanism - an orphan in this case is a file present in the database file which is not accounted for by the database per se. If by searching the database you mean from within DT, then you would not expect to find an orphan (by the very nature of orphans); if you mean searching the (mounted) database file from Finder, then yes, I would expect you to be able to find (imported, not indexed) files whose name you know.

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com - thanks! Maybe there’s some useful information in the logs.

Thank you for this clarification! I learned something new. :grinning:

The email is on its way. Thank you and have a nice weekend, Per

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